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12" Copper Harbor Plate- This beauty features the famous Copper Harbor lighthouse surrounded by stylized waves and a scalloped rim. $280.00sGinko Plate Style 2- Another version of the ginko plate, this one has an oriental theme which goes along with the ginko meaning of "peace and longevity". $250.00Close up view of Copper Harbor PlateGinko Plate Style 212" Star Plate- This plate has chased lines which lay out into a star pattern and contain various hammer textures. $220.008" Square diamond Plate- Classic design hammered plate with chased lines and four square diamond flowers. $135.008" Square diamond Plate- This plate has four horizontal diamond flowers with matted bands running between each. a mixture of random and staggered hammering finishes off this plate. $135.006" Cat Lilly Plate- This small plate has many uses from flower stand to pillar candle holder. Four leaf pedals with  four inch center. 130.008"12" Chased Plate- Beauty and simplicity is how I would describe this plate. Very purposeful hammering mixed with random texturing surrounded by chased bands and a scalloped rim. $175.008" Square Compass Plate- Nautical in theme this plate has a hand chased compass in the middle and will be the topic of much conversation at a dinner party. Elegant design but not overpowering. $150.0012"12" Dogwood Plate- This magnificent collectors plate features a cluster of dogwood flowers within a beautiful hand wrought plate. Random hammering and a scalloped rim finish off this piece. $300.008" Flying Saucer Bowl- Made famous by the "Roycrofters" this is a wonderful  "handwrought" two piece design. From the side has a "flying saucer" design. Also makes a nice fruit bowl or nut bowl. $220.0013" Fruitbowl- This large piece makes a wonderful edition to any harvest table or mantle. Large in diameter and about three inches in depth it is quite a hefty bowl, also has the classic scalloped edge. $180.008" ginko "Flying Saucer" Bowl- This was another "one of" pieces with five ginko leaves laying around a flying saucer bowl.13"12" Ginko Plate- This is an " in progress " piece and will be limited to an edition of 24. It features two "life size" ginko leaves in the center and four smaller ginkos on the outer rim along with very precise hammering. Excellent collectors piece for ginko lovers. $300.0012" Mission Plate- This plate is all about the classic hand wrought plate. Beautiful textures and rope bands make this a real beauty. $150.008" Mountain Plate- This piece features a chased mountain design with snow capped peaksand spruce trees in the foreground. Two rows of rope lines and various textures really make this plate stand out. $150.008" Jennings Style Plate- Classic "Roycroft" style with eight diamond flowers and a random hammer texture. $135.008"8" Square Mission Style Plate- This piece is all about layout and textures. Four off set bands with a wonderful matting texture and random hammering. $135.008" Square U.P. Plate- This will probably be one of my more popular designs. It features the U.P. inside a classic square design with random hammering and a banded edge.140.0024" Flower Plate- This one of a kind flower was my first attempt at large vessel and is now in the hands of a private collector.16" Oak Plate- One of a kind piece with twelve oak leaves surrounding the outer rim and two acorns in the center. Also features a scalloped rim and very precise hammering.12" Platter- Another classic arts & crafts piece, not over bearing but makes a statement with it's scalloped edges and random texture. $130.008" Square Tulip Rose Plate- This plate features four rounded or tulip style roses and a random hammering pattern making it ready for any decor. $150.0012" Jennings Style Plate- Classic Walter U Jennings design featuring eight diamond flowers. A magnificent edition to any arts & crafts collection. $275.0012" Square Shield- This was a one of a kind breast plate design featuring a riveted band on the outer edge and a midevel design in the center. Contact me for your own 1 fo 1 piece.12" Dard Hunter Rose Plate- Classic "Roycroft" styling featuring four square roses with a thorn band between each. This plate also has a scalloped edge and beautiful hammering textures. $250.008" Square Mission Plate- This Plate features various hammer textures with a pillow style shape. $120.0012" Trillium Plate- A very clasic arts & crafts style plate, this piece features four trillium petals and beautiful texture patterns. Other options are available so call for more information. Price as shown $225.00Octagonal U.P. Plate- This plate features the shape of Michigan's upper peninsula or "U.P." It is 9" x 9" and is made from heavy copper stock. It can be ordered with 24K gold (as shown)  $140.00  or 175.00 with gold accent6" Candy Dish- Very pretty little candy dish or coin bowl with random hammering and a scalloped rim. $65.005" Coin Bowl- This small bowl features beautiful hammering and a scalloped rim making it a favorite. $40.00Square Trillium Plate- This plate features four trillium petals surrounded by a textures band around the rim. Siize is 9" x 9" $150.00
My plates and bowls are all hand-hammered from a heavy gauge solid copper.  Each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art.  I can make multiples of these plates but please keep in mind that every one turns out different.  If you see a style you would like to purchase,  please allow 3-4 weeks for your order.  Or, if you have something else in mind, I do custom orders as well, just drop me an email or give us a call.    
Thank you,  Jeremy
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